Read & understand

You can use We share a sea as a reading assignment in English or in your own language. In order to get the most out of your reading you may want to use these “Read & understand” questions when working with the text:

  1. Read & understand: Simon’s new school, pages 3-7
  2. Read & understand: Livestock, manure and nutrients, pages 8-11
  3. Read & understand: Around the Baltic Sea, pages 12-13
  4. Read & understand: A trip to the sea, pages 16-21


To improve your knowledge and understanding of nutrients, why plants need them and how they affect the marine environment, you should carry out some of the following experiments in science class – or all of them:

  1. EXPERIMENT Grow crops and see what manure does to the plants.
  2. EXPERIMENT Pour fertilizer in water and see what happens.
  3. EXPERIMENT Examine plankton in seawater.
  4. EXPERIMENT Dissect a fish and see how it gets oxygen.
  5. EXPERIMENT Make your own oxygen depletion in the aquarium.




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